August, 2017

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Why Do I Need Spine Surgery Again?

Why Do I Need Spine Surgery Again

You finally had that back surgery, and you had high hopes it was going to fix your problem. But something’s still wrong. The problem lingers. You’re still in pain. It might even feel like you’re in more pain after the spine surgery. The surgery might seem like it’s only created a whole new host of problems.

Having problems after back surgery is extremely frustrating. When you decide to undergo surgery, you put all your hopes into it. Sometimes it simply doesn’t get the job done. Other times it creates more problems than it solves.

Everyone experiences discomfort after a surgery. It’s entirely natural, and while it’s unpleasant, it’s to be expected. As your body heals in the days and weeks after surgery, the pain should naturally lessen and eventually fade.

However, if you’re still having pain months or years later, this might be a sign something is not right. Pain is a tool your body uses to tell you there’s a problem. If your back is still giving you constant pain, it might be time to talk to your doctor and see if a second back surgery is the right option for you.


Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe During Fall Sports

keeping children safe during fall sports

Fall is back to school time, a bittersweet event for many families. Parents anticipate the return to healthy routines, while many kids dread the structure of academic life. Additionally, fall sports provide a chance for kids to enjoy teamwork and some outdoor fun, but parents often worry about safety and the potential for injuries.

Fall sports can be educational, fun and safe when guidelines are followed and safety measures employed. Even if you are not out on the field with your kids, there are ways you can help keep them safe during fall sports, too.