Frequently Asked Spine Surgery Questions

At OLSS, we take the time to listen to each patient to provide you with a positive and individualized treatment experience. We believe in equipping you with the knowledge needed to make an informed and confident decision about your spine care. View some of our commonly-asked questions below.

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Your Questions Answered: Spine Surgery FAQs From Our Patients

What does “minimally invasive surgery” mean?

Gone are the days of undergoing traditional open back surgery and a long, difficult recovery for those who suffer from neck or back conditions – minimally invasive surgery is the safer, more effective, and less painful alternative.

OLSS has developed a special minimally invasive technique that lessens recovery time and the pain associated with surgery by using tiny incisions and preserving the muscles and tissue surrounding your spine. The results are longer lasting and more effective than traditional surgery. For more on OLSS’s minimally invasive methodology, check out our blog on what “minimally invasive” really means and how it can help you find long-term pain relief.

How experienced are your surgeons?

Our surgeons are board-certified leaders in the orthopedic field with over 30 years of surgical expertise. When you choose OLSS, you choose a quick, safe, and effective experience. Your personally assigned surgeon will work with you to provide a tailored treatment plan that’s right for you – so when you visit our clinic on surgery day, you can rest assured you’re in the right hands.


What do past patients have to say about their OLSS experience?

OLSS patients have a lot to say! Our team of dedicated spine experts and physicians have helped thousands of people just like you to relieve their neck or back pain and get back to living the pain-free life they love. Learn about Tammy’s OLSS experience below:

Tammy McCord | February 5, 2014

What non-surgical alternatives do you offer?

At OLSS, we pride ourselves in finding the right treatment for you – but if you don’t qualify for our minimally invasive surgeries, we offer Stem Cell Therapy as a safe, all-natural alternative. Our Stem Cell Therapy process uses regenerative injections of your own healthy cells to facilitate rapid recovery to ease your pain.

Find out more on our revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy here.

How do I begin the process of finding a treatment with OLSS?

Your first step is easy – simply send us your MRI or CT scans and our experts will do the rest! For your convenience, OLSS offers a FREE phone consultation with our MRI specialist. You will then be guided through your best treatment options based on your results and personally paired with one of our board-certified surgeons for a complete diagnosis before making your final treatment decision.


How do I know which treatment is the right one for me?

OLSS offers treatments for all spinal conditions ranging from your upper neck to your lower back and hips. Whether it’s non-surgical Stem Cell Therapy or an OLSS minimally invasive surgery, our experts will closely consult with you to provide a long-term solution to your pain.

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