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This page dynamic by A. The relationship between you and your doctor is one based on compassion, trust and mutual respect. Your doctor is your partner — the person you rely on to help you navigate all aspects of your health. That’s why our Altamonte Springs clinic provides you with a wide range of highly-skilled doctors. We want you to find the right professional to give you the very best in orthopedic care.

Our vision of providing the best spine treatment and care throughout Altamonte has made us a leading source of help for the entire Seminole community. Our passion towards research and innovation keeps us at the forefront of orthopedic advances across the U.S. and the globe.

If our age-old walls could talk, they would tell quite a story. They would tell you about our cutting-edge techniques and technologies like our groundbreaking minimally invasive procedures or Dr. Katzman’s 300+ successful disc replacement surgeries. They would tell you the story of our spine specialists, sacrificing time with their families to ensure they make your health experience what you want it to be.


Today, we can confidently say that we are the best spine care providers in Florida. Our longstanding commitment to affordable care and excellent outcomes continually earns us recognition as authorities in the field of minimally invasive surgery year after year.

If you are suffering from debilitating back pain that interferes with your daily life, solutions can be found with Dr. Katzman and the exceptional staff at our Altamonte Clinic. Whether you or a loved one is suffering from a spine condition, we have extensive expertise providing the latest in spine care treatment.

Let’s introduce you to our spine surgeons at Altamonte Springs:

Dr. Scott Katzman

Dr. Katzman is a renowned orthopedic specialist with over 17 years of experience. From when he was first trained in 1989, Dr. Scott has been helping patients with percutaneous and endoscopic discectomy. He is also an expert in spinal disc replacements and has successfully performed...Read More

Dr. Michael Thomas

Dr. Michael Thomas is a board-certified neurological surgeon with over two decades of experience as a neurosurgeon and a researcher. As one of the best spine specialists in the U.S., Dr. Thomas has dedicated his practice to helping patients receive the very best in orthopedic...Read More

Dr. Monica McPhail-Pruitt

Dr. Monica is a multi-disciplinary pain management expert and an indispensable part of the Altamonte Springs surgical team. She administers anesthesia and provides perioperative pain management. Her patient-focused approach to medicine has made her a favorite among patients. If you have any questions before your...Read More

Dr. Morgan Lorio

Dr. Morgan P. Lorio is a board-certified orthopedic spine & hand surgeon with over 20 years of surgical experience. Dr. Lorio completed his undergraduate education at Lousiana State University – Baton Rouge, where he received a B.S. in Biochemistry. Dedicated to undertaking a career in...Read More

PA Lewjack Dorrance

Dr. Lewjack Dorrance is a highly-skilled orthopedic physician assistant with over 20 years of experience. Since graduating in 1989, Lewjack has been helping patients receive the best care and treatment, particularly orthopedic surgery. He has extensive expertise in the field of orthopedic prostheses (knee, shoulder,...Read More

Altamonte Springs Surgical Center

Dr. Katzman and his team at our Altamonte Springs Clinic are devoted to restoring functionality, reducing pain and increasing mobility through minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our spine surgeons are among the most experienced in their field. Through the use of customized treatment plans, you can find the spinal treatment you need and deserve. Call (855) 853-6542 to request a consultation today.

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    • 350 N Lake Blvd
    • Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
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    • 350 N Lake Blvd
    • Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
    • (407) 830-1985

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