Did You Know Your Smartphone Could Be the Source of Your Neck Pain?

Did You Know Your Smartphone Could Be the Source of Your Neck Pain?

The last few decades have introduced countless innovations, one of which is so intertwined in our lives that it’s challenging to spend even an hour without it. Our smartphones connect us with friends, family, work, and society. Many individuals spend most of their time connected to technology, but our cellphones never leave our side.

As we go through the day, staring down at our phones, our neck and spine twist in awkward directions. Both the strain of the eyes and position of our neck can lead to headaches, neck pain, and more severe back injuries if not corrected.

What Impact Does My Phone Have on My Neck Pain?

When you position your neck at a certain angle for an extended period, the body’s tissue becomes sore and inflamed. The term “text neck” describes the recurring stress and overuse of the neck due to the unmoving downward posture of the head when looking at mobile devices.

Incorrect posture by looking down at your phone too long can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Neck, back, and spine pain
  • Reduced head mobility

While text neck is associated with texting, it also includes other activities such as playing games or watching videos on the phone.

The Way You Look at Your Phone Matters

Checking your phone is unavoidable in today’s society, and while we may not be able to exclude looking at our phones entirely, we can change the position of our heads and necks while we scroll through social media and watch the news. One of the main issues of facing downwards is that it increases the weight of our head.

In an upright position, our heads weigh roughly 10 to 12 pounds. When we face down, our heads can then weigh 50 to 60 pounds; this puts a considerable amount of pressure on the base of our neck and shoulders. The best way to look at your phone is in an upright position with the device in front of your face.

Three Ways to Reduce Neck Pain When Looking at Your Phone

In a world governed by technology, it’s almost impossible to cut out using a mobile device fully. While we may not stop using a smartphone, we can fix how we look and for how long. Consider the following for ways to reduce the risk of neck and shoulder pain due to text neck:

  • Sit upright while looking at your phone: When your posture is straight, the weight of your head is significantly lower than when it faces down, and that puts less pressure on your neck.
  • Participate in regular stretching: Moving your head and neck around can relieve the tension built up by the fixed posture.
  • Give yourself a break: Set your phone down for a few minutes and give yourself a break from both the eye and neck strain.

These few tips may help you reduce the risk of causing neck and shoulder injuries due to staring at your phone for an extended period of time.

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