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An estimated 80% of the population experiences back pain to some degree at a point in their lives. From adolescence to the elderly, back pain can occur regardless of age. Suppose you have been experiencing back pain with no relief from traditional over-the-counter medications and non-surgical treatments. In that case, it may be time to visit an experienced spine doctor that can help you resolve your pain. 

At the Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery Clinic in Altamonte Springs, our orthopedic back surgeons can help you determine the best route of treatment and how to regain a pain-free life. Back pain is a prevalent medical issue, and many different causes and conditions attribute to its severity, causing flare-ups for many. Our dedicated team of skilled back doctors in Altamonte Springs is eager to help our patients treat their pain. 

Back Pain Is a Prevalent Medical Problem 

Back pain is a broad term used to explain pain in the back, spine, and muscles. Depending on the location of your pain and what provokes it, a back doctor can help you find the condition or injury that is causing you pain. Many people experience back pain after an accident, injury, joint disorder, or developing a musculoskeletal disease. Back pain is the third most common reason for doctor’s appointments, following skin conditions and joint disorders like arthritis. 

Factors that pose a greater risk to developing back pain:

  • Age 
  • Lack of exercise
  • Obesity or excessive weight
  • Diseases like arthritis 
  • Lifting heavy objects incorrectly
  • Bad posture and body mechanics
  • Smoking and other unhealthy habits

Patients often experience back pain that starts in one region and radiates to another body area like the hips or legs. When the spine is injured or has a misalignment, an Altamonte Springs spine specialist can help you evaluate any abnormalities. At our clinic, we offer a free MRI review to provide our patients the opportunity for a second opinion and to utilize previous imaging that they have already partaken in. We want to help you find the cause and treat the pain you are experiencing. 

Common Types Of Back and Spine Conditions

Back pain can be attributed to many different causes, such as injuries, accidents, and medical disorders. Patients describe the pain in different terms, such as aching, dull, and sharp. If you recently suffered an injury, the acute pain can vary in severity and length of recovery. This may be attributed to pulling a muscle or injuring your back somehow. In the case of an auto accident or slip and fall accident, your pain and the extent of your injuries may not present right away. 

It is essential to get an evaluation and start treatment as soon as possible to ensure that you are not dealing with a severe injury that may worsen as time goes on. Many people who suffer chronic back and spinal pain can attribute this to bone and joint disorders like osteoarthritis, bursitis, and many others. 

Injuries and Medical Conditions that Contribute to Back Pain 

Common injuries and medical conditions often attributed to back pain are related to the bones, spinal column, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and nerves in the body. The pain you experience may be related to injuries, disease, ailments, and abnormalities involving these areas of the body. Regardless, many patients can resolve their neck, back, and spine pain after a thorough evaluation and treatment with a spine doctor. 

Injuries and Medical Conditions attributed to back pain:

  • Auto accidents 
  • Slip and fall accidents 
  • Work injuries 
  • Bone and joint disorders 
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Bulging discs
  • Disc herniation 
  • Other injuries and disorders 

You’ll experience many benefits from seeing a back specialist. Especially if you have experienced chronic back pain for years or are suffering from an acute injury, a specialist can determine the best treatment route. An orthopedic specialist understands what you are going through and thoroughly examines the best solution. 

What Kind of Treatment Is Available for Back Pain?

Depending on your medical history and other factors, your back doctor may suggest non-surgical treatments or minimally-invasive surgical procedures at our Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery Clinic in Altamonte Springs. Minimally-invasive methods may benefit you if you have already tried several non-surgical treatments like back braces, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments with no relief. 

Non-surgical solutions can help many patients heal and restore their muscular health and live pain-free. However, if your conditions or injuries are more severe, professional laser spine surgery may help you achieve great results by repairing the injured and affected areas causing you pain. Our skilled team of orthopedic spine surgeons and back doctors enables you to determine the best route tailored for you and your needs. 

Non-Surgical Solutions 

  • Cancer pain treatment 
  • Epidural Steroid injection 
  • Stem cell injection therapy 
  • Etc. 

Minimally-invasive procedures

  • Axial fusion 
  • Cervical disc replacement 
  • Endoscopic discectomy 
  • Hip Arthroscopy 

Regardless of the severity of your pain, you should not postpone seeing your orthopedic specialist. Delaying an evaluation and treatment may worsen your condition or the severity of your pain. Living with back pain is not easy, and you’ll feel limited in what you can do during your daily activities if you experience injuries and conditions that cause neck, back, and spine pain. 

How an Orthopedic Back Specialist Can Help You

There are many benefits to seeing an experienced orthopedic specialist for your neck, back, and spine pain. With a professional evaluation, you’ll get the answers you need for your pain and the best route to treat your condition. With a dedicated healthcare team at our Altamonte Springs clinic, you’ll enjoy your visit in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Maybe you’ve been disappointed with previous treatment options and evaluations. If this is your case, you can rest knowing our team will listen to your concerns and previous experiences. Proper care and an excellent patient experience are part of what we strive to achieve and provide. 

Contact Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery Clinic in Altamonte Springs for Skilled and Experienced a Spine Surgeon 

At the Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery Clinic, our expert surgeons are available to help you find the cause of your pain and treat you with the best solution. Regardless of your past medical history and failed treatment experience, our team can help you live pain-free. Contact our office or give us a call at (855) 853-6542 to schedule an appointment at our Altamonte Springs clinic. 

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