How to Use an Exercise Ball to Rehab Your Back

How to Use an Exercise Ball to Rehab Your Back

Injuries in the lower back can often restrict movement and weaken the muscles in the lower back. Exercise balls are an excellent option for gentle back mobility and a core-strengthening program that can stabilize the muscles surrounding the spine, improve motion, and help prevent future injury.

How an Exercise Ball Helps Rehab Your Back

Due to the instability of an exercise ball when using it for exercising, the muscles that stabilize the spine activate to keep the person from falling or losing their balance. These muscles typically include the superficial and deep groups surrounding and supporting the spine. Activating the spinal muscles helps strengthen and tone the muscle fibers, improving pain, stiffness, weakness, and function in the back.

Improves Spinal Endurance

Stiffness in the muscles that brace the spine may reduce the stability of the spinal joints causing the spine to buckle under heavy loads. Spinal stiffness in the core muscles and spinal joints can significantly limit spinal mobility. Exercise ball workouts help relieve muscle stiffness, improve spinal strength and endurance, which helps prevent the spine from giving out when subjected to sudden movement or stress.

Helps Build Core Strength

Core strength is the body’s ability to position and move the torso and control the transmission of forces between the upper and lower extremities. An exercise ball workout helps activate the muscles and nerve mechanisms in the abdomen and spine. The activation of the muscles and nerves reduces stiffness, lesser fatigue and improves strength in these muscle groups.

Increase Spinal Flexibility

Once core strength and spinal endurance are improved upon, it increases the flexibility of the spine. Spinal flexibility allows the back to bend forward and backward more efficiently with less pain. Maintaining flexibility in the core muscles is critical to maintaining multidirectional spinal motion.

Enhances Balance and Posture

Torso muscle strength is vital to maintaining balance while standing, sitting, and walking. Working out with an exercise ball helps improve muscle strength in the torso and coordination in this region to increase balance, correct posture, improve gait, and reduce risks of falls.

Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain

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