Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe During Fall Sports

keeping children safe during fall sports

Fall is back to school time, a bittersweet event for many families. Parents anticipate the return to healthy routines, while many kids dread the structure of academic life. Additionally, fall sports provide a chance for kids to enjoy teamwork and some outdoor fun, but parents often worry about safety and the potential for injuries.

Fall sports can be educational, fun and safe when guidelines are followed and safety measures employed. Even if you are not out on the field with your kids, there are ways you can help keep them safe during fall sports, too.

Child Safety

Keeping your child safe is a parent’s general concern year-round, but your anxiety can be increased during fall sports season. Fortunately, some of the same precautions you take to protect your children in other areas can also help them stay safe during fall sports:

  • Encourage proper sleep habits — Kids are still developing mentally and physically, and this requires plenty of sleep. During sleep, the body and brain can recover from the activities of the day and grow and develop more strength for the days ahead. Good sleep is a safety requirement for children in all areas of their lives. They will be more likely to perform better in school, avoid careless accidents and make better decisions when they are sufficiently rested.
  • Ensure good nutrition — Nutrition is important for everybody, but kids especially thrive on the nutrients they get from the food they eat. A young digestive system breaks down food more thoroughly and makes the most of the vitamins and minerals it contains. Kids are still growing bones and muscles, too, so feeding them well will help keep them strong and free of injuries.
  • Pay attention to healthcare — This can be as simple as bandaging a cut, so it is not exposed to infection. Kids are not fully aware of their bodies and are often unable to judge when they need medical attention. As a parent, you can keep your child safe by assessing signs of illness or injury and seeking the proper care for them.

Sports Safety Tips

Even if you are not particularly athletic yourself, you can keep your child safe in fall sports by remembering these tips:

  • Always insist on proper safety gear
  • Keep kids hydrated before, during and after sports
  • Get your child a physical before each sports season
  • Never let them skip the before- or after-game warm-up
  • Make sure the coach has your emergency contact information
  • Have injuries assessed by a qualified professional

Fall sports are fun, but there is nothing fun about sitting in the emergency room or getting sidelined by a serious injury. Protect your child with good health habits and consult a doctor if you have any concerns.

For sports physicals or injury assessment, contact Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery to schedule an appointment.

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