What “Minimally Invasive” Really Means – and How it Can Help You Find Long-Term Relief

What Does Minimally Invasive Surgery Mean?

Are you experiencing neck or back pain? Have you exhausted your non-surgical pain management options, like spinal injections or physical therapy, and aren’t sure where to turn next? For many, that next step in seeking relief comes with hesitancy, as it usually means a more drastic measure such as spine surgery, is required.

Fortunately, neck and back pain sufferers are no longer limited to traditional and painful open-back surgery as their next step towards finding relief. Therefore, there is a new solution: minimally invasive surgery.

But what does “minimally invasive” actually mean, and how can it help you find lasting relief?

Eliminating Neck and Back Pain the Minimally Invasive Way

Talk to a doctor at OLSSWhether you’ve been down the long road of treating your chronic pain from an existing or recurring condition, or you are suffering from intense, acute pain from a recently developed condition, minimally invasive surgery is today’s solution to outdated surgical methods.

The term “minimally invasive” refers to the surgical method of reducing the trauma your body endures during spine surgery by minimizing incisions required to treat your condition. The doctors at OLSS have also successfully mastered and improved upon these methods and can eliminate your pain without cutting through your muscles or tissues surrounding the affected area in your spine. Minimal damage to your muscles and tissues results in a quicker surgery, outpatient experience and a less painful and reduced recovery period.

What Does Minimally Invasive Surgery Treat?

Minimally invasive surgery can be performed as an alternative to traditional surgery for almost all common spinal conditions, ranging from the neck down to your lower back.

The most common spinal conditions our doctors treat with minimally invasive surgery are spinal stenosis, herniated or bulging discs, disc degeneration, sciatica, osteoarthritis, pinched nerves and coccydynia, among others.

Doctor Scott KatzmanThe OLSS team, led by clinic-founder Dr. Scott Katzman, are also expertly trained in orthopedic issues beyond the spine, and use minimally invasive surgery for problem areas like the hips, hands, shoulders, legs, and feet. Visit our homepage for a full-body list of conditions we can treat with minimally invasive surgery and to learn more about each condition.

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How Minimally Invasive Methods Ease Your Back Pain – For Good

Our muscle-preserving methods at OLSS allow you to experience less pain and fewer side effects immediately post-surgery, so you can be released from our treatment clinics the same day as your surgery to recover in the comfort of your own home.

The results of our minimally invasive treatment methods are longer lasting and more effective than traditional surgery, because our doctors are skilled in finding and treating the true source of your pain – instead of a quick fix. The OLSS team of nationally-renowned surgeons and expert specialists believe in guiding patients through a pain management and treatment program tailored to each individual, because they understand that no two diagnoses are exactly alike. Through a series of one-on-one consultations and MRI or CT scan reviews, your designated OLSS surgeon will work with you to find the true diagnosis of your condition, and will create a minimally invasive treatment plan that’s best for you.

How to Know if Minimally Invasive Surgery is Right For You

Long-term relief from neck or back pain gives you the normal life you once had – uninterrupted by pain. Do you think you might be ready to explore minimally invasive treatment options? Surgery with OLSS may be the right choice for you if all non-surgical efforts have failed, or if you’ve previously undergone surgery that was unsuccessful in fully eliminating your pain.

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