Play it cool this summer.

How to Beat the Summer Heat

Heat exhaustion in the peak of the summer is all too common. High outdoor temperatures should be avoided but that does not mean you have to stay inactive. Below is a list of 14 alternative ideas for the dog days of summer.

  • Journey through an indoor Butterfly garden or rain forest
  • Attend a guest speaker of interest at a local college or university
  • Join DIY classes at a nearby hardware store
  • Enjoy a live theater production
  • Visit a museum district
  • Find an observatory with nighttime telescope viewings or Planetarium
  • Tour an indoor sea center or aquarium
  • Splash around at an indoor waterpark or recreation pool
  • Visit the NASA space center
  • Check out YMCA events
  • Try a cooking course
  • Step out to a Dancehall
  • Take a painting class
  • Mold some fun with clay sculpting
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