Strengthen Your Back to Strengthen Your Quality of Life

How a Healthy Back Can Help You Live Longer

Build a stronger back to increase your quality of life.

Staying active as you get older is key to a healthier, higher quality of life. We all want to live to 100 but do you think your back will make it to 100 or will it fizzle out on you, decreasing your quality of life during your golden years? If you are not sure, you should see a back specialist and have them examine your spine for age-related degeneration. Let your doctor know you would like to start an active program to strengthen the back and the supportive muscles that help keep you back straight and strong. If your doctor feels you are ready, he will be glad to support your endeavor.

You don’t have to put your back under great stress to improve its well-being. Start slow and move your way up as you feel comfortable. You should try low impact options at first to get your back in training for increased activity. A nice stroll down the sidewalk or walk around a nearby shopping center a few times a week, taking the time to go visit family members or friends and sitting less during your day are some plans that may work for you. Once you are ready for something that requires a little more stamina you may want to look into volunteering, trying out a beginner’s yoga class, exploring a new hobby, and/or attending social events. Once you are up and about and you and your doctor feels you are strong enough for an exercise routine, some good starters might be exercising on a home stair stepper or elliptical, taking a light fitness class, biking, golfing, swimming, or even just taking your dog out for a swift walk 1-2 times a day. From there you can amp up your exercise plan as you see fit.

Making the choice to be more active will pay off. You will find that you have fewer injuries because your muscles are stronger, your stamina will impress you, and you will not cringe at the thought of the next social or family event that may require more activity than usual. In addition, studies show you will sleep better, feel more refreshed when you wake, have better digestion, and your mind will feel sharper. So make a conscious effort to get your back in shape and enjoy the benefits of your improved health.