4 Worst Habits for Your Back

4 Worst Habits for Your Back

You may be surprised as to why you are experiencing back pain. Although sometimes it can be related to injury, the majority of the time, it stems from daily repeated habits you’ve adapted that are causing your back stress and discomfort. Over time, these small habits accumulate and take a toll on your back health.

16 million adults in the US experience nagging back pain that impacts their daily life. Eliminating or reducing certain daily habits can change your quality of life and improve your back health. Keep reading for insight on the four worst habits for your back that may be affecting you and information on how to change them over time.

Everyday Habits That Cause Your Back Pain

There are many non-invasive solutions that can help you achieve better back health and reduce the stress on your spine. The first step to correcting the bad habits for your back is to be aware of when you’re doing them. Taking the time to correct them will reduce aches and pains that are affecting your day-to-day life.

1.    You Sit for Long Periods of Time

Maintaining a proper posture during the workday is often not on the radar when there are so many things on your to-do list. There are a few reasons why back pain stems from sitting for long durations of time. Firstly, it puts more pressure on your spine than standing, the back muscles lose strength over time from not being used, and joints become less mobile.

When working at a desk, it is best to sit at a 135-degree angle because it takes the strain off of your lower back muscles and spine. This usually means that leaning back once in a while can help alleviate some discomfort. Also, think about the position of your head at a computer when you’re working. Are you keeping it in line with your spine or bringing it forward? Check to see if your chair supports your lower back properly, and take 5-minute breaks every hour to ensure your back says stress-free.

Driving and sitting in a car should also be considered when evaluating your posture. Hunching over the steering wheel puts stress on your back and shoulders and tightens your chest. Avoid extending your legs because it puts your spine in an uncomfortable position. When you’re at the wheel, sit at a 90-degree angle for the ideal driving posture.

2.    You Are Often Stressed

Stress often leads to clenching your shoulders, neck, and back. Usually, when you are under so much constant stress, you don’t notice the tightness in your body and continue to stay in this tightened state. This can cause unnecessary stress on your back and eventually cause pain.

A good way to remedy daily stress is to listen to music, practice meditation, journal, exercise, read, or do yoga. Dealing with stress with positive habits can help your muscles relax and diminish back pain over time.

3.    You Don’t Exercise Enough

Exercising is one of the primary ways that you can diminish and even eliminate back pain. Combining aerobic, flexibility, and strength training can improve the healing process, mobility, stiffness and strength in the muscles of your back.

Improve the health of your back by going on daily 30 minute walks, trying out yoga, or any other favorite exercise routine of yours to reap the benefits.

4.    You Haven’t Replaced Your Mattress

How long ago did you replace your mattress? The lifespan of a mattress is generally 9-10 years, but consider replacing it every five years if you have a troublesome back. Getting better sleep is vital to maintaining the health of your back. Your mattress should also be comfortable to sleep on, not too firm or plush.

Consider using a pillow to support your back when you sleep. Use it under your knees if you’re sleeping on your back, between your knees if you’re sleeping on your side, or under your hips if you’re sleeping on your stomach.

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