If you have had a previous spinal surgery that has left you with continuous pain, you might be uncertain about what you should do next. Your doctor may recommend revision spinal surgery to correct issues from previous surgery. Get in touch with our specialists at Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery today in order to see if you are a good candidate for revision spinal surgery.

What Is Revision Spinal Surgery?

Revision spinal surgery refers to a surgical procedure to fix or remedy issues from a previous surgery. The spine is complex, so it’s common for spinal surgery to correct some, but not all, underlying conditions, sometimes leaving patients with continued struggles after the surgery. Research reveals that close to 40% of spinal surgery patients experience continued lower back pain after their first surgery.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain in your neck or back to the extent that it has reduced your quality of life, revision spinal surgery might be your best option. The goal of another surgery is to correct errors or omissions from the first surgery. Additionally, your surgeon can evaluate your past surgery to determine if any areas of the spine were misdiagnosed and need further attention. They can also identify areas that may have worsened since your previous surgery.

Reasons to Undergo Revision Spinal Surgery

Here are some signs you may need to seek out a revision spinal surgery:

  • Your first surgery offered some initial relief, but your pain reappeared shortly after. This is often a result of nerve compression.
  • You’re suffering from pain after months or years, which could indicate you have an infection or your discs are continuing to deteriorate.
  • You have a spinal deformity that your surgeon could not completely correct during your first spinal surgery.
  • You are experiencing problems with balance when standing and walking.

On rare occasions, some spinal surgery patients struggle with bowel and bladder function. These struggles could come from an unrelated underlying condition, but they might also indicate spinal issues. Some of the specific symptoms that may show the first surgery did not work include:

  • You’ve formed scar tissue around the area where the surgery was performed.
  • Your first surgeon made an error that caused damage at the surgical site, or performed the procedure at the wrong site on your spinal column.
  • Your spine did not fuse after the procedure
  • Your spinal implant or hardware failed
  • You have one or more herniated discs

Regardless of your symptoms or the reason you’re now considering revision spinal surgery, the goal is to have an outcome that increases your quality of life and allows you to move without pain.

Getting the Right Diagnosis

All surgeries come with risks. Spinal surgeries are especially complex because they occur close to the spine. Revision spinal surgeries carry additional risk because a patient’s anatomy has been distorted and often has scarring. Additionally, surgeons face the challenges of existing hardware, including cages, screws, rods, and other artificial items.

An accurate diagnosis is key to the success of a revision spinal surgery. This allows your surgeon to present you with all treatment options and discuss the right decision for your body and situation. Your surgeon should perform a thorough physical examination and discuss your struggles with pain and mobility as well as other factors that may affect the outcome of your surgery.

The diagnostic process should also include various types of imaging, including:

  • X-rays to make sure hardware hasn’t moved and vertebrae are aligned properly.
  • CT scans to get a more detailed look at your vertebrae and surrounding soft tissues.
  • MRI scans to look for issues with discs and nerve compression.
  • Bone scans to check for infections after the first spinal surgery.

Diagnostic imaging gives your surgeon a complete picture of your spinal health so they can confirm or correct your diagnosis before recommending revision spinal surgery.

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