Check Back Pain & Neck Pain

When you first visit a doctor, he will ask questions about the symptoms you’re experiencing. This is known as medical history. It allows the doctor to get more information about your symptoms. For instance, when they first developed, what makes them worse and what treatments you’ve tried.

The doctor will then do a physical examination to assess your muscle strength, sensation and reflexes so they can determine your particular condition. The location of symptoms will help the doctor narrow down the conditions you may have. After the physical examination, the doctor may perform additional tests to accurately confirm the diagnosis. These can include X-rays, CT scans or MRI scans.

OLSS Free Condition Check Tool

OLSS offers a free condition check tool to help you understand the source of your back pain. With our condition check tool, you can quickly identify your current neck, back or spine problem so you can obtain treatment as soon as possible.

To complete the condition check tool, describe your pain, tell us about your symptoms and give us additional information about the history of your pain. An OLSS spine specialist will get back to you with the results of your assessment. Keep in mind, however, that an online diagnosis isn’t conclusive and you need to be further evaluated by an OLSS specialist at one of our clinics.

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