5 Exercises to Relieve Pain from a Bulging Cervical (Neck) Disc

A bulging cervical disc can be extremely painful and, in some cases, lead to permanent disabilities. People with bulging cervical discs typically experience pain in the neck, shoulder, arms, and chest, whereas some don’t have any pain at all. Depending on your circumstances, a more thorough pain management plan involving medicine, surgery, or rehabilitation may be better suited for you. However, those with dull pain may benefit from a range of undemanding stretches and exercises for relief.

Before performing any exercises, it’s best to consult with a qualified doctor or physical therapist for a personalized plan. Disclaimer: Some exercises may not be right for your specific condition, and there are certainly ones you should avoid, such as weightlifting or overly strenuous activities. Here are five generally safe exercises to relieve pain from a bulging cervical disc.

Shoulder Mobility Stretches

Bulging discs often significantly impact postural habits. If you lack strength, your neck may compensate by using your shoulders and upper back to move. Adjusting your posture can play a major role in reducing disc pressure in the neck while minimizing pain and correcting the shoulder and back position.

To improve your posture, try performing shoulder mobility stretches. These are stretches that help promote flexibility and activate your shoulder muscles as well as surrounding muscles to give you more strength. They may also help get rid of built-up tension and tightness. One helpful stretch you can do is to place your arms behind your back, interlock your hands, and slowly lift your arms up and down. Take breaks as needed and repeat throughout the day.

Cervical Chin Tuck Exercises

Another effective way to fix your posture is with chin tucks. This is an exercise that helps strengthen the upper cervical extensors, which are muscles that help support the neck and head in its upright position. To perform a cervical chin tuck, stand up straight, keep your upper back and head pulled back, and slowly move your head down. Hold it for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Doing this stretch should provide you with almost immediate relief and provide a satisfying sensation.

Shoulder Squeezes

Poor posture can cause shoulders to round and the neck to hunch over. Gradually, poor posture can put an excessive amount of strain on those target areas, putting more wear and tear on the joints and increasing muscle fatigue. The purpose of the shoulder squeeze is to keep the shoulder muscles strong in order to achieve ideal shoulder alignment.

Either while sitting or standing, tuck your chin and place your arms at shoulder height. Make sure your palms are facing forward and your arms are bent at about a 45-degree angle. Begin pulling your arms and shoulders back until you feel your shoulder blades touch. Hold it for 10 seconds, then release. Do this stretch anywhere between 5 to 10 times.

Mini Trampoline Workouts

Mini trampoline workouts are great for warming up the body and getting blood flow circulating. This can help reduce inflammation, build stronger bones, and promote stability. Mini trampoline workouts are also beneficial because you can do them for longer without putting too much stress on the body. All you need is a small trampoline and, if you want, some music or television. It’s always best to start with exercises that are easy to do, such as walking or marching in place. Remember, don’t try to push beyond your physical limits. It’s not worth aggravating your neck.

Stability Ball Exercises

Just like the exercises and stretches above, stability ball exercises can be done right in the comfort of your own home. They can help get your body moving without too much effort. This reduces the load on your joints, increases muscle activity, and regulates coordination and balance. One recommended stability ball exercise is to sit on the ball and place your arms on the ball or at your sides—whichever feels best and keeps you stable. Then, begin lightly bouncing on the ball for about 3 to 5 minutes.

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