6 Sleeping Positions for People with Lower Back Pain

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to invigorate and energize you, but extended rest can be elusive for anyone who suffers from lower back pain. Many adults find that the discomfort they experience wakes them up in the middle of the night, and some individuals report that it can even prevent them from falling asleep at all.

For eight out of ten individuals who experience lower back pain, finding the right balance of comfort and support can be a challenge. Sleeping positions can directly impact your spinal alignment, and while there is no definitive sleeping set-up that will alleviate all back pain, there are many ways to minimize discomfort. Below are some of the best sleeping positions for anyone who experiences chronic lower back pain.

Side Sleepers

While this is the most common sleep position, strain can be placed on the spine if there is not adequate support in the correct areas. These positions will work best for side sleepers who are experiencing lower back pain.

  • On Your Side, Knees Bent. Lying on your side, draw up your knees as if you were seated in a chair so that your knees are bent, then place a pillow between your knees to support your spine.
  • On Your Side, in the Fetal Position. Similar to the above position, this one requires that you pull your knees up closer to your body. This position is particularly helpful for those who experience sciatica pain.

When looking into pillows for side sleepers, ensure you are also supporting your head and neck in order to properly aid the spine.

Stomach Sleepers

Although many sources will advise you against sleeping on your stomach, many individuals find that it is the only way in which they can get comfortable. If you choose to sleep on your stomach, utilize the following positions to help reduce chronic back pain.

  • On Your Stomach, Pillow Under the Abdomen. By using a thin pillow under your stomach, you are tilting your pelvis into alignment with the rest of your body. This can reduce pressure on your lower back.
  • On Your Stomach, Head Facing Down. This position works best if you have a body pillow, which you can lay flat underneath you. From there, your head will move down and face the bed. Though it may seem strange at first, this position is great for those who are dedicated stomach sleepers and need to find relief for their lower back pain and pressure.

Remember to use a pillow that supports you fully. We can sometimes be fooled into thinking that a soft pillow is better than a firm one, or vice versa, but the truth is that either can do more harm than good if you are using the wrong one. Your doctor will be able to help you determine which type of pillow will provide you with the appropriate support.

Back Sleepers

You may think that sleeping on your back is the best way to treat lower back pain, but it can occasionally make the discomfort worse. These positions will allow you to sleep on your back comfortably, regardless of the severity of your pain.

  • On Your Back, Pillow Under the Knees. One benefit to this position is that the weight of the body is evenly distributed, providing almost immediate relief to the lower back. Placing a small pillow underneath your knees while you are laying on your back can allow you to maintain the natural curvature of your spine, which relieves pressure.
  • On Your Back, Reclined. If you have the ability to utilize an adjustable bed, this position can be particularly helpful. Lying in a reclining position can help take away some of the pain and stress on your lower back, especially for those who have isthmic spondylolisthesis. This is a great position if you are looking for lumbar support.

As with other positions, it is important to identify the best pillow for beneath your knees and under your neck. Firm pillows beneath the knee may be more difficult to find comfort with, whereas a soft pillow beneath the head can prevent you from getting good support to the spine.

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