One of the country’s premier spine experts, Dr. Scott Katzman, M.D., and his award winning team of surgeons and medical staff, specializes in minimally invasive procedures and pain management, offering a comprehensive program that uses the latest in research, technology and treatments – from non-surgical treatments to gentle, minimally invasive surgery with an incision smaller than a postage stamp.


1 We Work with Many Different Insurances.

With a broad range of payment options, we can worry less about the money and more about getting you the treatment you need.

2 We Have a Wide Range of Treatments.

From non-invasive treatments like medications and pain-reducing injection therapy to the most advanced minimally invasive and laser surgery, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to treat nearly any condition with precision and effectiveness.

3 Our Clients Have a Remarkable Success Rate.

The majority of the treatments performed at OLSS have a 95% or higher success rate. Many clients go home the same day experiencing little to no pain. With our advanced treatments that do not require muscle or tissue to be cut, healing and recovery are much quicker than traditional open back surgery.

4 We Perform Advanced Endoscopic Discectomy as a Same-Day Surgery.

Lumbar discectomy can be performed as an outpatient procedure with an incision smaller than a postage stamp. Cervical discectomy is performed through an incision smaller than a grain of rice and is completed in an outpatient environment. Zero incidences of nerve root or spinal cord injury in over 1000 procedures performed.

5 OLSS is Owned and Operated by a Leading Expert in the Field of Orthopedic Treatment.

Dr. Scott Katzman has been practicing orthopedic surgery for more than 17 years. He has pioneered and even invented many advanced techniques and has traveled the world teaching them to other surgeons.

6 A Fast Recovery Gets You Back to Doing What You Enjoy Most.

Many of or surgeries and treatments are same day outpatient procedures that will get you back to work and enjoying your life again quicker than traditional open back surgery.

7 We Offer Advanced Stem Cell Treatment.

Stem cells harvested safely and painlessly from your own body are used in conjunction with steroid injections to help decrease inflammation, treat disc pain, and even help to regenerate damaged cartilage.

8 Our Warm and Friendly Staff Will Make You Feel at Home.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for having a warm and friendly staff. We go out of our way to make certain that every one of our patients is at ease and as comfortable as possible.

9 We Have One of the Most Experienced Surgeons in the Nation Offering Percutaneous Discectomy.

Dr. Katzman is one of the ten most experienced surgeons worldwide offering this revolutionary form of discectomy and has been performing it for over 17 years. It is an outpatient procedure done while the patient is awake with no blood loss.

10 We are One of the Few Surgery Centers that Offer Total Disc Replacement.

In most situations, the OLSS team would rather perform a cervical disc replacement so there is no loss of motion. This is a special procedure that uses an implant that moves, resulting in almost no neck stiffness.

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