Minimally Invasive Means Minimal Recovery

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Advancements Wipe Out Lengthy Recovery Times

Minimally invasive techniques can be the answer to several problematic back conditions and also mean very little downtime for the patient. Read on to find out more about minimally invasive spine surgery and the benefits that come with it.

What is minimally invasive spine surgery?

In short, minimally invasive spine surgeries are procedures in which orthopedic spine surgeons use very small endoscopic instruments to view and perform repairs.  Problems with the discs, nerves and boney abnormalities on or around the vertebrae create a number of treatments that can be offered from this type of approach. This type spine surgery involves an advantageously small incision and intervention that exposes the patient at a minimal time frame, making for a fairly quick recovery with a very limited need for pain meds.

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How is minimally invasive different from traditional spine surgery?

Before endoscopic spine surgeries were introduced, traditional spine surgeries meant days in the hospital and weeks of post-op recovery time. Alternatively, minimally invasive spine surgeries are performed as an outpatient and the patient is usually in the hands of the surgeon for less than an hour. This means the patient can go home that day and, many times, return to work just a few days later. Some even reporting shopping that very evening after their procedure.

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What are other benefits?

Other benefits include preserved motion of the spine, reduced patient anxiety, minimal tissue involvement with little or no blood loss, a low risk for infection, a small inconspicuous scar that is usually less than 2cm in length and, most importantly, the patient gains relief from their neck pain or back pain. We effectively and efficiently perform these surgeries as a standard in our practice, returning countless patients to a life that is no longer consumed with back pain.

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