What Areas of the Spine are Most Vulnerable to Injury?

If you’ve ever suffered a spine injury, you may know how painful and uncomfortable these experiences might be. However, you might also have a few questions about the vulnerability of the spine in general. Which parts of the spine are the most likely to get injured? And how should you treat your spinal injuries?

If you’re concerned about adequately taking care of your injuries, we at Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery may be able to help. Our team at OLSS is dedicated to relieving patients’ back and neck pain. We’re leaders in our fields, committed to providing our patients with personalized treatments so they might regain their quality of life. OLSS is strongly experienced in spine injury treatment, so continue reading to see our complete breakdown.

The Lumbar Spine or Lower Back

One of the most commonly injured parts of the spine is the lower back or lumbar spine region. Injury in this area may be especially likely if someone gets into a vehicle collision, such as a car accident. The lumbar spine is composed of bones, muscles, and tissues that stretch from the upper or cervical spine and down to the pelvic bone.

The lumbar spine may be especially vulnerable to spraining or straining, although these injuries are generally less severe than those in other areas of the spine or back. Typically, the lumbar spine components are more prone to stretching in an accident. A collision may cause the muscles or tissues to stretch beyond standard capacity, leading to significant pain and discomfort without proper treatment.

The spinal muscles may tear, and the vertebral discs might even crack. This may lead to further pain or inflammation and potential complications if the injury is left untreated for an extended period. These injuries may also be challenging to diagnose, but a specialized and professional spine specialist may be able to help you identify symptoms and recommend proper treatment plans tailored to your specific circumstances.

The Cervical Spine or Neck

While somewhat less common than injuries in the lumbar spine or lower back, cervical spine or neck injuries are also statistically frequent. Especially if you get into a vehicular collision or accident, neck pain may be something you suffer while healing.

The cervical spine begins at the base of the skull, down into the neck and part of the upper back. Minor incidents may lead to medical issues in your cervical spine, as it’s easy to strain a muscle or ligament in this area. While some of these injuries heal quickly, there are more severe issues you might handle, including whiplash, herniated discs, or spinal fractures.

If you have a cervical spine injury, you may need to contact a qualified and professional spine and neck pain specialist. Hiring a specialist may allow you to start a treatment plan that is both conservative and tailored to your specific needs, which may save you money and shorten the amount of time your body spends healing from medical recommendations. Your specialist may also communicate the probability you might need future treatment and determine the causes of your injuries.

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If you need treatment for your spine or neck injuries, our team at Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery may be able to help. We at OLSS are leaders in our field, committed to providing each patient with tailored and personalized treatment plans. This allows each client to maximize the probability of regaining their quality of life. Our spine surgeons have dedicated their careers to creating relief for patients, which may also be helpful for you.

Our medical team takes the time to understand your condition before recommending a treatment plan built around you and the needs of your condition. If you think we would be a good fit for your spinal treatment needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. You can call us at (855) 853-6542 or complete our online contact form at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.

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