3 Top Benefits of Swimming Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Back pain can have various causes, including strain, injury, bone disease, and more. Depending on the origin, back pain can be alleviated through medicine, surgery, or other treatments. Exercise is another method of pain relief that can be very effective. While commonly associated with preventative care, exercise is also beneficial for those suffering from certain health conditions.

Some exercises can give you relief from your back pain and improve the health of your spine. Swimming exercises are an excellent way to manage your back pain. Doing exercises in the water has many benefits and advantages over other forms of exercise. Walking in the water, water aerobics, and swimming laps can make a difference in your back pain and overall health. Before committing to an exercise regimen, learn the benefits of swimming exercises and talk to an expert back doctor.

1. Swimming Builds Muscle Strength

A noticeable side effect of back pain is that it makes moving and performing certain activities difficult. Typically, people will treat this pain by getting rest, but there is such a thing as too much rest. If you are inactive for too long, your muscles could become weaker or even atrophy. Swimming exercises help build stronger muscles in the back, shoulders, legs, and core. Building up muscle strength in these areas will help support your spine and lower back. Water provides active resistance, which makes it suitable for building muscle strength.

2. Swimming Relieves Stress on Joints

One of the causes of back pain is stress or pressure on joints, which can be difficult to avoid when exercising. When you perform exercises in a pool, buoyancy supports a portion of your body weight. Buoyancy makes swimming exercises low impact. Low impact exercises put little to no stress on your body and are gentle on the joints. Pools are non-weight-bearing environments, so you’re not putting weight on your spine and exacerbating the pain.

3. Swimming Improves Blood Flow to Muscles

Swimming exercises are a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. Exercises such as water aerobics give you the cardio exercise needed to build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and condition your core and lower back muscles. Cardio promotes healthy blood flow to the muscles in your back. Healthy blood flow helps your muscles receive more nutrients which support muscle repair and reduce stiffness that can cause back pain.

Learn More from Experts in Back Pain Relief

Back pain is an issue that interrupts people’s daily life. Relief can be life-changing for those who have forgotten what it’s like to live without constant discomfort. While you may know that exercise can manage your back pain, you may not know which exercises will work best for you. Back pain can restrict you from doing certain activities, and some exercises could cause more damage, especially if done improperly.

You have a right to know all of your options for back pain relief. Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery has experts who can tell you the best methods to find relief. Our doctors have the experience necessary to give you proper guidance. To learn more about relieving your back pain or for back pain treatment options, call us at (855) 853-6542 or submit our contact form to receive more information.

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