showing nerve root compression and associated pain in the spine.
Image of a female experiencing pain in her right leg, highlighting discomfort

How Do I Know if I have Radiculopathy?

Symptoms of radiculopathy are similar to symptoms of a pinched nerve. They usually involve numbness, weakness, tingling, or pins and needles sensations felt in the area and the extremities the nerve path leads to. The longer that this condition remains untreated the more serious it will get. In the late stages of radiculopathy, patients will start to lose motor function, reflexes will begin to be impaired, and radiating pain will worsen.

Do you have any of these symptoms and think you may be suffering from radiculopathy? We have a quick and easy tool to help gather some information from you to help us determine what your problem is and get you on the road to recovery.

What is the Right Treatment for Me?

Treatment for radiculopathy involves relieving the compression of the affected nerve. This can be accomplished in many ways, but the usual methods would include anti-inflammatory medications, exercises to build the muscles in the back (better support), and physical therapy. Only once conservative treatments have been exhausted should surgery be considered.

OLSS provides a wide range of treatment options and because our doctors are the most experienced and best trained in treating radiculopathy we are able to perform many advanced treatments other practices are unable to offer.

The real question is: What treatment is best to treat your radiculopathy? Use our Treatment Match tool to quickly get started in finding the right treatment for you.

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