How to Configure Your Workspace to Ease Back Pain

If you work at a computer or a desk, you may experience back pain from leaning over or hunching forward to look at your laptop, taking notes, or keeping up with multiple screens. For these reasons, a desk job can be physically demanding and taxing, even if you do not realize it right away.

Fortunately, there are ways to set up your office space to better serve you and your spinal health. Making minor adjustments like elevating your laptop, propping up your feet, giving yourself reminders to move and stretch, and making your work chair more ergonomic all help alleviate back pain. Our tips below can help make your office space much more comfortable and supportive.

Ways to Relieve Back Pain in Your Office Space

We understand working at a desk can cause chronic back pain that lingers after office hours. Therefore, we encourage you to implement the following tips to prevent long-term problems and injuries:

Elevate Your Laptop

Keeping your laptop below eye level encourages you to hunch over, which can strain your back. Make sure your computer sits at a place where you do not have to crane your neck up or down to view it. You can either invest in a laptop stand or prop your laptop up using a box, books, or anything else you have.

Wear Your Glasses if You Need Them

It’s best to keep your computer an arm’s length away from you. Therefore, if you need glasses or contact lenses to see your screen properly, we encourage you to wear them. This will prevent you from leaning or hunching forward to view your screen. Making sure you can see your laptop will also keep headaches at bay, which will only prevent further head, neck, and back pain.

Keep Your Feet Flat

Depending on your height and scope of your office chair, your feet may not reach the floor when sitting. This can negatively impact your back and cause pain. If this is the case for you, we suggest having a footrest to prop up your feet and keep your spine, hips, and knees aligned.

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

It’s essential to have an ergonomic chair that supports your back and neck to avoid discomfort. Modern chairs have become better at alleviating pain for those who work at desks for long periods of time. That said, ergonomic chairs can be expensive. So, you can make your current chair more supportive by putting a rolled-up blanket or pillow behind your back for lumbar support. You can also do the same behind your neck or head if you need more support there.

Take Breaks to Stretch

As important as your desk set-up is for your health, it is also crucial to take breaks to move around and stretch your body to avoid stiffness and concentration of pain. It may be helpful to set reminders throughout the day to take short breaks to walk around and let your muscles relax. We encourage you not to ignore these reminders even if you are in a good workflow. Your back will thank you!

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We understand that back pain can make your work day unbearable and worsen your performance and focus. That’s why we highly recommend optimizing your workspace to keep your spine healthy and avoid any injuries or chronic conditions.

If you have back pain because of an improperly constructed workspace, we can help. At Orthopedic Laser and Spine Surgery, our skilled and experienced specialists will help find a solution best suited for you and your needs. Our spinal surgeons at OLSS are the best in their field, and they are committed to relieving your pain with our award-winning medical service. You can schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form or calling us at (855) 853-6542.

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