How to Get a Stronger Back

Setting Attainable Goals for a Strong and Healthy Back

Setting goals to become healthier is not an easy task. Start with some of these small goals and progress to forming better habits to help bring your back pain under control.

Why should you strengthen your back?

One of the less understood aspects of lower back pain is the connection it has with weak core muscles.  Core muscles help to provide the support that your lower back needs to lend stability to your spinal column and related structures.

Setting goals that are attainable.

One of the most common reasons people fail when setting goals to get healthier and take control over their body is that they shoot too far for the stars.  Early goals should be simple and easy to attain.  Not only are these realistic and achievable, when you do accomplish them, you gain large amounts of confidence in yourself pushing you to set your next level of goals.

Early goals for strengthening your back.

Visit with your physician: This is a very easy to obtain the goal that will help you begin your journey to strengthening your lower back and relieving some of that pain.  Find out what your body can handle so you don’t injure yourself and get sidetracked while you recover.  Your doctor will have plenty of advice for you from diet to exercise that may help.

Go for a daily walk: Walking is a great exercise when starting your journey to fitness.  The act of walking uses many muscle groups in your body as well as helps increase your endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Start slow in the beginning with a measured pace for a distance you can handle.  Even walking as little as 20 minutes a day can make a significant difference.

Purchase a membership at the local gym: After speaking with your physician and finding out what exercise will help strengthen your back, it is time to find a place to accommodate your needs. Some people decide to exercise at home, while others enjoy the social aspect of joining a local gym. Many gyms offer a number of free sessions with a personal trainer when becoming a member.  Check around your area and look for reviews online that will help you make an informed decision.

Make small changes to your diet: This is such an important statement, make small changes to your diet that will have large impacts on your health. Cut out the soda, or limit it to a treat once a week.  Soda is packed with sugars that lead to weight gain when consumed in excess.  Chips and television go hand in hand.  It starts with a few chips and the distraction of the TV ends up with an empty bag and a larger gut.  Try to swap the chips with a healthier alternative such as cut carrots and a low fat dip.  For larger changes to your diet, speak with your physician or a nutritionist.

Butt out, drop the bad habit: Studies have shown over and over that cigarettes lead to many health conditions that drastically reduce your life expectancy.  Did you know that smoking also constricts your vessels reducing the amount of blood flow to tissue in the spine making it more difficult to heal from injuries? Chemicals found in cigarettes also quicken the process of spinal disc degeneration.

These easy attainable goals will aid in strengthening your back and helping to keep you pain-free for years to come.

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