Support Your Spinal Health by Choosing the Right Office Chair

By now, the word is out on exactly how important it is to have a well-fitted and ergonomic office chair. Whether you work from home or in an office, your spine needs support. 

Sitting for eight or more hours a day in the same chair can cause severe damage to your spinal health, especially if you find yourself slumped over and knotted like a pretzel to get comfortable. You can develop pinched nerves and strains on your neck and lower back. Headaches, swelling, and numbness can all occur and are also easily preventable, given you know what to look for in a chair. 

3 Conditions To Consider When Purchasing Your New Office Chair

When it comes to purchasing the right equipment for your office, you have a couple of factors to consider. Say goodbye to the daily Advil, hours of uncomfortable sitting, and chairs that make you hunch, and hello to a healthy spine. Here are three crucial factors when it comes to your new ergonomic office chair:

The Height

Are your feet flat on the ground? Is your neck straight and not hunched over to see your desktop monitor? Your new chair should be adjustable so you do not have to dangle your feet above the ground. Having them rest on a solid surface will practice good posture and naturally lead to less back pain. 

Additionally, your chair should allow you to be at an appropriate height for typing and viewing your computer screen. When using the keyboard, your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle, and your neck should never be bent downwards to see the words on your monitor. 

Seat Depth

An ergonomic chair will allow for you to fully sit back against the seat, while still leaving room for your legs to spread out. Lumbar support for your lower back will lean into the natural curvature of your spine and alleviate a lot of the tension typically associated with long bouts of sitting. 

Improperly sized seats can lead to slumped shoulders and backs, which may ultimately cause a pinched nerve

General Comfort

As hybrid and remote working have become more common, so has the emphasis on treating your spine nicely. Most office retail stores are pushing ergonomic chairs, with lumbar support and adjustable settings pre-included. That being said, just because a chair has lower back support does not mean it is the right fit for you. 

Your general comfort is just as essential to your spine as the other two staples. Do you like the padding on the seat? Is the built-in neck support too stiff? One of the only ways to truly find out is to test it. Sit in the chair and envision yourself clocking in and working away. If you find yourself twisting to get comfortable, then that is not the chair for you. Finding one that allows you to sit up straight for hours—with time allotted for stretch breaks, of course—is vital. 

Get To The Bottom Of Your Back Pain From the Spinal Experts at OLSS

An ergonomic chair for your office is a step in the right direction, but sometimes that tweak in your back goes deeper than needing lumbar support. If you have the perfect office chair but still find you are experiencing discomfort in your back or neck, get in touch with one of our spinal experts at Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery

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