Percutaneous Discectomy

A percutaneous discectomy is the most minimally invasive technique possible used to surgically treat disc bulges, protrusions, and small contained herniated discs. There is no blood loss during the procedure and can be performed in an outpatient environment with most patients returning to work within a week.

Percutaneous Discectomy
Percutaneous Discectomy

What Is a Percutaneous Discectomy?

Herniated discs can cause extreme discomfort, causing pain in the neck, arms, legs, and back. A percutaneous discectomy is a procedure that helps to address the pain resulting from this issue by removing part of the herniated disc that is causing nerve irritation.

The procedure uses a small needle to reach the disc in question, eliminating any need for a surgical incision. A live X-ray guides the needle to the disc, and a probe with a rotating tip is inserted carefully through the needle. This removes portions of the disc and creates a space, which allows it to absorb the herniation and take pressure off the nerve. The spine remains stable because the procedure only removes enough of the disc to mitigate nerve pressure from the impacted area.

Is a Percutaneous Discectomy the Right Treatment for me?

You may have heard about a percutaneous discectomy before and are wondering whether or not it is the right treatment for you. If you are not sure this is the right choice of treatment you should explore other options to make sure that the treatment you get is definitely the one you need.

As a part of OLSS’s commitment to our patients, we have put together a quick and easy to use tool to help determine whether a percutaneous discectomy is the right treatment for you.

To get started just click on the link below and take 5 minutes to accurately fill out the questions. Once submitted one of the professionals at OLSS will review your submission and get back in touch with you to provide you with the answers you need to get on the path to living pain-free.

Benefits of a Percutaneous Discectomy

Many patients have found that a percutaneous discectomy was the last line of defense in helping to bring them relief when nothing else worked. Combined with our comprehensive treatment protocols that include supportive therapies, our spinal specialists have perfected the use of this procedure for our patients.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it has been shown to increase function in up to 90% of patients who have opted for it. It has fewer complications than other procedure types, which is part of why it is a recommended treatment protocol for a herniated disc. There is no reason to live with pain and discomfort when a proven treatment exists that can help to give you back your quality of life.

Am I a Candidate for a Percutaneous Discectomy Procedure?

If you are certain that a percutaneous discectomy is the right treatment for you based on a referral from a doctor or recommendation from another surgeon, the highly skilled surgeons at OLSS are a great choice for getting this procedure done.

With some of the most skilled and highly qualified surgeons in the industry, OLSS has one of the highest success rates. This in part is due to making sure patients we accept as candidates go through a candidacy checking process.

To get started just click the link below and take 5 minutes to answer the questions as accurately as possible. Once we receive your answers one of our professional staff will review them and get back in touch with you to provide feedback and let you know if you are a candidate and what the next steps are to getting you back to living pain-free.

What to Expect From a Discectomy Procedure

This is an invasive procedure that demonstrates a good approach to helping patients feel better. The percutaneous discectomy utilizes a single-use probe called stryker dekompressor which is placed under the X-ray. The specialists will use a local anesthetic for injection.

Before the procedure begins, the patient will be positioned on their stomach with their knees supported on the table. When the treatment area is numb, the surgeon will insert a larger needle into the affected disc. The surgeon will place the probe through this needle. The Dekompressor applies a pump method to remove excessive disc material from a herniated disk or bulging. This reduces the pressure in the discs to relieve pain. There is pressure experienced during this part of the treatment; however, the patient will not feel any pain.

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