A Breakthrough Technology

Stem Cell Therapy is a procedure in which new cells are introduced directly into an injurious area or joint, promoting healing and growth. The multitude of administered cells allows the body to proceed with the healing process at an accelerated rate. This treatment has been recognized by the medical industry worldwide as the biggest medical breakthrough in natural healing. Athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Peyton Manning have traveled abroad for this unique treatment. And now, SCI brings this same solution to you right here in Florida.

Healing Afterwards

In some cases stem cells can be used as a non surgical treatment alternative to having a surgical procedure. However, in some cases surgery is unavoidable. In cases where surgery is recommended, stem cells can be used as a supplement to help reduce the recovery time of the procedure and increase the chances of the treatment being a success.

Heal Faster

There are many studies showing how stem cells help speed up recovery time for those who have been treated by them, however, results vary from patient to patient. Although the science behind stem cells and how they work is becoming increasingly well known and trusted throughout the medical community, there is still no way to quantitatively represent how they will impact each individual since every patient is unique.

Fast Outpatient Procedures

The procedure is quick and generally painless. The stem cells are harvested from your own body while under local anesthesia. Since the cells are extracted using either a trocar or needle there is no recovery time at all. Most patients are back to regular activities the very next day.

Low Risk

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure that is relatively safe and has a low rate of complication or infection. Rejection of the stems cells is not really a factor because autologous transplanted (cells from one part of the body to another in the same individual) stem cells are recognized by the patient’s body already.

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