3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain This Winter

People who usually do not experience back pain might find themselves experiencing it once the temperatures drop during the winter months. Additionally, individuals with year-round back issues often find that their symptoms worsen during the winter.

When it gets cold, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the back tighten and become less flexible. This tightness and lack of flexibility lead to restricted movements and painful inflammation that results in severe lumber aches and pain. Reports of neck pain, joint pain, back pain, and general body ache increase during the winter weather. Such complaints come from people with no previous back pain conditions and people with preexisting spinal conditions.

3 Tips to Avoid Back Pain during Winter

The cold is not the only culprit to blame for your back pain in the winter. Other conditions and situations can lead to back pain. Illnesses (i.e., flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia) can directly cause the body to ache or place you on bed rest for an extended period. This will prevent you from integrating much-needed movement into your routine for your body’s health. Seasonal depression can make it difficult to exercise or take a daily walk. Some back pain results from injuries caused by winter activities, such as shoveling snow or putting up decorations.

While the cold often worsens back pain symptoms, there are still other contributing factors of which you should be aware. The following are three ways to avoid back pain this winter:

Keep Yourself Warm

If the cold is making your back ache, keep yourself bundled up with proper clothing and outerwear. Wearing the proper clothing and footwear when you step out into the cold will help with back pain, and it can also help prevent illness.

Keep It Moving

The cold might tempt you to stay inside and curled up in bed all day, but you should try to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Even a thirty-minute walk can help with back pain. Walking keeps your back muscles strong and loose, thus avoiding the restrictions that can lead to pain.

Be Careful Out There

Carrying heavy bags or lifting heavy objects can put a severe strain on your back. Shoveling snow or removing ice from driveways can also be straining on your back. While it is fun to start decorating and cleaning for the holidays, listen to your body and pace yourself.

The icy grounds and crowded spaces can lead to slips and falls. Watch your step on hazardous walkways, and always keep an eye on your surroundings to avoid accidents.

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