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In today’s world, it’s no surprise that more and more professionals are spending long hours at a desk or computer. Chances are you’re one of them. It can take an incredible toll on the body, especially if you spend your days hunched over reading, typing, and researching in books for your job. You may also have experienced back pain from lifting heavy objects at work, playing sports, or some other physical activity.

If you are experiencing back pain, you don’t have to live with that pain. There are ways that you can fix your back and live pain-free.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Back Pain?

Some of the most common causes of back pain include

Back pain can also be caused by a variety of diseases and conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Kidney stones
  • Vascular conditions

Additionally, certain medications, such as blood pressure medications or antidepressants, can cause back pain.

A Bottom-up Approach to Back Pain Relief at Home

If you’re looking into solutions for your back pain before taking the step to go to a back doctor, you need to treat the source. Rather than looking for a quick fix, you should make it a priority to find a long-term solution to your back pain. One of the best ways to approach back pain is from the bottom up. This means you should focus on your feet and ankles, knees, hips, core, and shoulders. If one or more of these areas is tight, weak, or unstable, it can lead to back pain.

The first step in treating your back pain is to address your foot and ankle mobility. Having proper ankle mobility will help you have better knee mobility, which will, in turn, help your hips have better mobility. Your core muscles surround and support your spine, pelvis, and lower back. Having weak core muscles can lead to your spine being misaligned, which can cause your back to be overworked and stressed.

All that being said, you could very well have a less straightforward issue with your spine or back. It’s worth sincerely considering reaching out to a spine surgeon or back doctor when you start experiencing back pain, as waiting can cause a spine condition to worsen.

Common Back Pain-Related Conditions

Back pain can be a symptom of many things, including degenerative disc disease, ruptured or herniated discs, sciatica, or even a common cold. Common back pain conditions include:


Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among people aged 45 or older. While arthritis doesn’t cause back pain directly, a lot of people experience joint pain and swelling, and this can lead to back pain.


In a survey of people with fibromyalgia, 63% reported having back pain.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are tiny crystals that form in your kidneys and are usually caused by dehydration and consuming too much protein. They can cause sharp, debilitating pain in your back.

Vascular Conditions

Vascular conditions, like blood clots and other vascular diseases, can cause blood vessels throughout your body to swell and be pinched, including your spinal cord.

When to Consider Seeing a Spine Surgeon in Aventura

If your back pain is chronic, meaning it’s lasted more than a couple of months, or if you’ve had a recent injury, it is important to seek advice from a back doctor or spine surgeon. While at-home methods such as over-the-counter medications and massages may be able to relieve your pain temporarily, seeing a professional is essential for long term relief and to help ensure that your condition does not get any worse.

Seeing a back doctor doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to have surgery. There are many non-surgical options that doctors will consider before proceeding with surgery. Even then, while spine surgery can sound intimidating, back doctors and spine surgeons have your best interests at heart, and will do their best to give you relief with the least amount of pain and recovery time possible.

Contact an Aventura Back Doctor and Spine Surgeon for Help for Your Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people every year, and it can be painful and even debilitating. That being said, there are countless treatment options available when you’re in good hands. At Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery, we offer personalized treatment plans, considering all of the circumstances of your condition to provide you with the best treatment possible. If it does come to the surgery, our spine surgeons are leaders in their field, offering many minimally-invasive procedures for fast recovery times and less pain.

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