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If you have discomfort in your back, spine, or neck, consider visiting the specialists at NJ Spine and Orthopedic. Our offices near St. Petersburg, Florida are home to an award-winning team of top-of-the-line spine surgeons that utilize cutting-edge equipment, innovative technology, and a patient-centered approach. No matter your condition, our medical staff will carefully assess your situation to determine a safe and healthy approach that will reduce your pain and encourage a faster recovery time.

After meeting with you one-on-one, our medical staff will always begin by trying conservative methods of treatment. If it’s determined that surgery is the most appropriate way to reduce your pain and mend your injury, we’ll use minimally invasive techniques that will shorten your recovery time, decrease your blood loss, and reduce your pain.

With over 20 years of experience, the expert back doctors at NJ Spine & Orthopedic in St. Petersburg will be able to diagnose your condition and give you the care you deserve. Regardless of the cause, we’re here to help.

Why Does Back Pain Occur?

The back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. You can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks, and irritate joints, all of which can lead to back pain. Lower back pain may be linked to the bony lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, lower back muscles, abdominal and pelvic internal organs, and the skin around the lumbar area. Pain in the upper back may be due to disorders of the aorta, tumors in the chest, and spine inflammation.

As people get older, their chance of developing back pain increases due to factors such as previous occupation and degenerative disk disease. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain among Americans that may lead you to a spine doctor in St. Petersburg:


You can strain your back when the muscles and ligaments stretch or tear. Symptoms include pain and stiffness in the lower back as well as muscle spasms.

Disk Injury

The discs in the back are prone to injury, and this risk increases with age. The outside of the disc can tear or herniate. A herniated disk is a condition that can occur anywhere along the spine, but most often appears in the lower back. It’s sometimes called a bulging, protruding, or ruptured disk. A disk begins to herniate when its jelly-like nucleus pushes against its outer ring due to wear and tear or a sudden injury.


You don’t necessarily have to suffer a sports injury or have a structural problem to have back pain. In fact, it’s extremely common among workers who have bad posture at their desks. Prolonged hunching while standing or sitting can cause your back, core, and abdominal muscles to become strained and painful, reducing their blood supply and slowly developing stiffness and weakness in the trunk and lower back.

Movement, Accidents, and Injuries

Back pain can also result from an awkward or sudden movement. This could be from twisting, coughing, over-stretching, pushing, pulling, lifting, or even sneezing. Also, keep in mind that long driving sessions without a break can be the culprit.

Of course, car accidents, falls, and fractures can also lead to back pain.

Spinal Stenosis

If you have spinal stenosis, your spinal canal has narrowed, adding pressure on your spine and nerves. As a result, your legs and shoulders likely feel numb.

Having back pain can be excruciating and leave you feeling frustrated and confused. It may be helpful to know that you’re not alone. Today, 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain at any given time, and an estimated 80 percent will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Luckily, your condition is treatable. Consult a back doctor in St. Petersburg to gain a better understanding of how to handle your ailment.

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