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The older you get, the more concerned you may need to be about unexplained back pain. While a night spent sleeping on the couch can leave you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t find yourself dealing with considerable or long-term back pain.

Fortunately, our team of orthopedic surgeons is prepared to help you better understand why your back may hurt as severely as it does. If you’re struggling to meet your everyday needs without experiencing severe pain, you can bring your concerns to a Westchester spine surgeon.

We can assess the state of your spine and recommend surgical or non-surgical treatments to reduce your discomfort.

Medical Professionals Compassionately Address Your Spinal Needs

Your spine is the primary pathway for the nerves in your body. If you suffer spinal damage, infections, or undue pressure, your spine will let you know that something’s amiss. Unfortunately, your body’s best way of alerting you that something’s amiss is to use pain. You may also suffer from limited movement.

Some of the most common spinal conditions that today’s patients have to deal with include:

If you suspect you may be dealing with any of these conditions, you can let our team of medical professionals know. We conduct non-invasive, compassionate assessments of your spinal health. We can then let you know what conditions you’re contending with and how you might best treat them.

Our spinal treatment plans are entirely individualized. This way, we can ensure that our recommendations best suit your needs. We can work together to craft your treatment plan when you come to us for a consultation. You can revisit your recommended plan at any point to discuss alternatives that might help mitigate your pain or improve your health.

The Benefits of Local, Non-invasive Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgeries are designed to improve your overall health and relieve pain. When you present your symptoms to a medical professional, we can recommend the treatments that can best serve both of these purposes. Our most common spinal treatments include:

All of these surgeries are minimally invasive. This way, you can get back on your feet and enjoy pain-free days more regularly. Our team can also recommend non-surgical spinal treatments if you want to use alternative means to address your pain. These can include long-term physical therapy.

When to Request a Consultation With a Westchester Spine Surgeon

It can be challenging to distinguish between temporary back pain and a chronic condition. Your general practitioner may not even be able to identify the symptoms of spinal damage if you cannot elaborate on your symptoms. Fortunately, our team knows how to distinguish between a sprained muscle and a nerve pinched by vertebrae.

Should you suspect that you’re contending with a severe spinal problem, we recommend that you assess yourself for:

  • Unusual numbness
  • Long-term pain or discomfort
  • Muscle spasms
  • Radiating pain
  • Difficulty maintaining your balance

These symptoms can indicate a pinched nerve, a diseased spinal disc, or even vertebrae damage. The sooner you can schedule an MRI or CT scan, the sooner we can help you address your pain.

Westchester Spine Surgeons Walk Through Recovery With You

It can take a considerable amount of time to recover from a spinal surgery, even if it’s non-invasive. Whether you need to remain in the hospital for observation or limit your movement at home, Westchester spine surgeons strive to give you the tools you need to comfortably restore your previous quality of life.

This means connecting you with physical therapists who can help reclaim your everyday mobility. It also means providing the pain management and mobility aids you need to see to your daily needs comfortably.

You can discuss your expectations for a spinal surgery before your date comes due. Our team wants to help you learn more about the steps you need to take to prepare for your recovery. We can also help you schedule post-surgery check-ups so that we can keep you updated on how the treatment is improving your spinal health.

Let’s Connect You With a Westchester Spine Surgeon

If you’re looking for a spinal surgeon in Westchester, let Orthopedic & Laser Spine Surgery lend you a hand. We understand that each spinal consultation and surgery is unique. That’s why we want to make your experience with our medical team as straightforward and comfortable as possible

We can discuss your specific desires for your treatment during an initial case consultation. We’ll then check back with you to ensure that the treatments we recommend suit your spinal needs. For more information, contact our office. You can schedule an appointment through our contact form or by calling (855)-853-6542.

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