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Orthopedic Laser and Spine Surgery (OLSS) is proud to support the community of Winter Haven, Florida, by providing state-of-the-art orthopedic care. Our spine specialists recognize that no two people experience back pain the same way and pride themselves on patient-centric approaches to treatment. At OLSS, we use the latest technological breakthroughs to provide top-notch care for your unique needs.

We are proud to offer several different cutting-edge treatment methods, from conservative to minimally invasive procedures. When you schedule an appointment with one of our experienced doctors, they will work with you to diagnose your back or neck pain and find the best treatment option for you. If you are struggling with back or neck pain near Winter Haven, the skilled surgeons at OLSS can help.

What is Causing My Back Pain?

While back pain is a prevalent medical condition, people suffer from it for various reasons. In fact, millions of Americans report suffering from back pain every year. Factors like age, lifestyle, and medical history can all be factors in a person’s pain. Some common causes of back or neck pain include:

  • Disc Damage: Your discs act as cushions between your vertebrae. Discs can bulge, slip, or rupture, causing pain as we age.
  • Poor Posture: Sitting or standing with poor posture puts unnecessary strain on your back’s muscles, bones, and ligaments.
  • Muscle Strain: Repeated awkward movements or heavy lifting can cause pain by straining the back’s muscles and ligaments.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis causes chronic inflammation in your joints and is a common cause of back pain.

These are only a few of the various causes of back and neck pain. Since the back is a complex system of muscles, bones, nerves, and ligaments, stress on any part of the back could cause pain.

How to Treat Back Pain at Home

Often, back pain will resolve itself in a matter of weeks. However, there are several methods you can try at home to reduce your pain:

  • Exercise
  • Take over the counter pain medication
  • Use heat and ice packs
  • Maintain good posture
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Stretch regularly

If your back pain persists for a month or more or increases in severity, it is imperative that you seek medical attention. Additionally, if you start to experience unexplained weight loss, fever, or numbness in one or both legs, schedule an appointment with a spine doctor as soon as you are able.

How We Treat Back Pain at OLSS

At OLSS, we are proud to offer both conservative therapies and minimally invasive surgeries. Our doctors are committed to providing their patients with personalized care. While we will always recommend conservative treatments first, some conditions may require surgery to improve. When you schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, they will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your individual needs. Some of our most common treatment methods include:

  • Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cells are injected directly into an injured area or joint to promote healing and recovery.
  • Epidural Steroid Injection: A steroid is injected into your back to block the pain caused by a pinched nerve.
  • Endoscopic Discectomy: Damaged disc material is removed using a small incision in the back in a painless laser procedure.
  • Cervical Disc Replacement: An artificial disc is inserted into the spine to replace a damaged one.
  • Facet Fusion: A spacer is inserted into the facet joint to both stabilize it and prevent it from rubbing against the nerves.

No matter your condition, the experienced spine specialists at OLSS are committed to finding the best treatment for you to get back to a pain-free life.

Expert Spine Surgeons near Winter Haven, Florida

If you suffer from back pain near Winter Haven, the experienced doctors at OLSS are here to help. At Orthopedic Laser and Spine Surgery, you will find a team of highly qualified, board-certified specialists who provide the highest level of care. Our surgeons are trained in breakthrough technologies and will use their expertise to diagnose and treat your pain in a way that suits your needs. Call our office at (855) 853-6542 or fill out our contact form today to schedule an appointment with a spine expert.

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