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Our Minimally Invasive Spine, Back and Neck Treatments

Whether you’re looking to alleviate neck, back or spine pain, we’re here to help. From a full assessment to a treatment plan that’s right for you, we’ve got you covered. At OLSS, it’s our mission to help you return to the life you once enjoyed.

We offer a full range of treatment options for spinal conditions. Your needs may be met by non-surgical options such as pain medications, physical therapy or other types of conservative therapies. If you require surgery, we offer the most advanced minimally invasive spine treatments available.

Our Promise: We will work alongside you to create a customized treatment plan that suits you. Our goal is to ensure that your treatment plan seamlessly integrates with your everyday life.

Non-Surgical Spine Condition Treatment

Also referred to as conservative treatment, non-surgical treatment is a type of therapy that does not involve surgery. In fact, most of the problems related to the neck and back are successfully resolved with treatments that do not require surgery.

Non-surgical treatment can be as simple as reassuring a patient that the problem is not a big deal, and all that’s needed to reduce pain is to refrain from doing certain activities while giving the body ample time to heal.

Other non-surgical treatments include physical therapy exercises that strengthen muscles and preventative measures like protecting your back and spine when lifting heavy objects. The goal of non-surgical treatments is to alleviate pain, limit further harm and get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Using Non-Surgical Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, a vast majority of neck and back problems can be resolved using conservative methods. In fact, surgery is never considered until it is proven that conservative treatments have failed to provide the much-needed relief.

Symptoms such as neck pain, lower back pain, pain in the arm and sciatica can be treated successfully using non-surgical methods. Such symptoms are more often than not caused by conditions such as muscle strains, spinal stenosis, disc herniation and arthritis.

Types of Non-Surgical Treatments

There are several types of non-surgical treatments. Your diagnosis will determine which treatment option is best suited to you:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is very effective in alleviating pain and preventing future episodes of discomfort. A therapist will help you do stretching exercises with the aim of strengthening and working out the muscles in the affected area. You will be taught how to move and how to maintain correct posture. Other treatments such as massage, ultrasound and spinal manipulation may also be considered to complement physical therapy.
  • Epidural Steroid Injections: This non-surgical treatment involves injecting steroids and anesthetic into the inflamed areas of your back or spine. Inflammation is usually caused by pressure or compression on the nerves as a result of conditions such as spinal stenosis or herniated discs. Anesthetic works to block pain while steroids work to reduce inflammation in the affected regions. While this method offers short-term relief, it does not cure the problem. As such, it is mostly used when you’re undergoing physical therapy.

Surgical Treatment

If you’ve been under non-surgical treatment within the last six to 12 months but you’ve had no success, you may want to consider surgery. In this case, minimally invasive surgery is the best solution for you.

Minimally invasive surgery treats a broad range of back, neck and spinal pain problems using advanced technology and specialized equipment. Some of the conditions that minimally invasive surgery can treat include herniated discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and degenerative disc disease.

In general, the goal of minimally invasive surgery is to stabilize the vertebrae and joints in the spine as well as relieve the pressure and compression being applied to the nerves.

As opposed to traditional open surgery treatments, minimally invasive surgery is safer, faster, less risky and has shorter recovery times. Because there is minimal trauma to tissues and muscles as compared to traditional surgeries, MIS has many benefits to the patients including:

  • Better cosmetic results since the incisions made are as small as the size of a nickel
  • Less blood loss from surgery
  • Reduced risk of tissue and muscle damage since there is little to no cutting involved
  • Much shorter recovery periods
  • Rehab is rarely needed
  • No need for pain medications after surgery

Also, most minimally invasive surgeries are same-day outpatient procedures and only require local anesthesia. Thus, there is reduced risk of infections and reactions as normally seen with general anesthesia. You will get back to your day-to-day activities sooner than with traditional open surgeries.


From non-invasive spine treatments like pain medications to the most advanced minimally invasive procedures, OLSS has the tools, knowledge and expertise to treat a wide variety of conditions.

If you are suffering from chronic pain due to neck, back or spine conditions, put a minimally invasive specialist like OLSS on your side. We have successfully treated thousands of patients and we can treat you, too. Let us help you find the right treatment. Get started with our treatment check tool today.